Empowering High Achievers

To elevate their performance in Life, Health, and Business 


   High Achiever “Get in the Game” 6-Week Intensive


An intensive 6-week 1:1 program with a performance + wellness coach who blends extensive corporate leader experience, cutting edge health modalities, and cognitive science to identify your needs and desires to optimize the outcome you want. 


Package Benefits:  

  • Stay healthy no matter what the world throws at you, with proven strategies to boost your health on the micro and macro level.

  • End Self-Sabotage: go from struggling with burnout, your own thoughts holding you back (limiting beliefs), or feeling stuck.

  • Cultivate Cutting-Edge Clarity to make the necessary changes, get back on track, and elevate your performance + wellbeing to accomplish your goals  

  • Consistent forward momentum: have the accountability and support you need to achieve what you have set out to do.

  • Reclaiming your energy so that you accomplish your goals, ahead of schedule, and with optimal results.


Package Elements:

42 days of Performance + Wellness Coaching

  • (1) Initial Self Evaluation + Set Up

  • (4) of my most powerful high impact/growth sessions to move the needle, 45-minute sessions.

  • (1) Gallup Strengths Test Session: Identifying your top 5 strengths, and how to strategically implement them in health + career. 

  • Email/text weekly check ins, in between sessions, to keep you moving forward consistently. 

  • 2 on-demand, 15-minute laser coaching sessions to get you unstuck when you need it most.